YUZA is one of Europe's leading creators of mobile-first ventures.

Born at the start at the app boom in 2008, the company has tens of millions of downloads to its name.

Having previously worked alongside some of the world's leading brands to create award-winning apps, we now partner with entrepreneurs and corporate co-founders to create platform-based mobile companies which we grow into being global leaders, whilst retaining ownership and an active involvement.


Everyone involved in YUZA yearns to create; to build new things, to change the way we do old things and to come up with things no-one else has come up with before. If you do things rather than say things you'd fit in well here.


We exist because of new technologies and to develop new technology. We thrive on making advances into unexplored territory to improve the lives of millions of people for the better. We always aim for higher things.


An idea can be valuable but the execution of an idea is where that value is realised. We believe in high-quality manufacturing, thoughtful analysis and attention to detail. Everything must have a reason for being.

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These are some of our former clients. Nowadays we create mobile-first ventures by partnering with entrepreneurs and corporate co-founders.


United Nations

Now Music

Aston Martin

Virgin Atlantic


Dynamo: Magician Impossible

The Wanted