Our Vision

YUZA was created to deliver new approaches to mobile. We create and incubate platform based mobile ventures.

Mobile applications are the future of mobile services. With 20 billion a year being forecast to be downloaded by 2014, we are a truly mobile first group and a believer in "The Internet Of Things"

We were also named as a Top 50 Mobile Innovator by Mobile Entertainment for three consecutive years: 2013, 2012 and 2011.

The Company

We are based in the heart of London, right at the centre of the world-famous Carnaby Street.

Our areas of focus:
1 - Partnerships through IP licensing.
2 - The creation and incubation of disruptive and innovative platform based mobile ventures.
3 - The acceleration of mobile opportunity - placing developer talent at its core - with the deployment of capital, support and networks.

Work at YUZA

If you want to work with us here at YUZA, check out our jobs board.

The Team

Richard Skaife

Richard Skaife

CEO, Co-founder


Richard has worked in the mobile industry for over twenty years, launching his own direct to consumer hardware firm, which he sold to Cellnet in the 90's, before being part of the early stage team for a T- Mobile backed start up. He went on to become Managing Director of Digital for one of the UK’s biggest independent music labels, launching a number of high profile mobile music projects.

Before co-founding YUZA, Richard was the Managing Director of the Mobile Content division for US-based Phoenix Media Group. Richard also serves as the Chairman on a number of YUZA ventures.

Tom Cohen

Tom Cohen

CTO, Co-founder


Tom co-founded YUZA in 2008 and is the group's Chief Technical Officer. In 2009, he was announced as UK winner of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.

He is responsible for the architectural and technical aspects of a diverse portfolio of product-focussed businesses and has overseen the deployment of over a hundred mobile apps, several of which have received national and international recognition.

Tom comes from a background in Aerospace and Defence having previously worked for BAE Systems, and was recently credited by Mobile Entertainment as a rising entrepreneur.

Marcello Alessi

Marcello Alessi

Chairman, Co-founder

Marcello’s experience is spread across a wide range of highly successful companies - from high-end late-night venue experiences to solar energy technology and more.

As the Chairman of YUZA and its sister company The Sanatello Group, he brings a wealth of business experience to YUZA.

Liam Houghton

Liam Houghton

Chief Product Officer


Liam was recently named one of Mobile Entertainment’s “30 Under 30” rising stars to watch in Mobile tech. He leads product development for the YUZA group and has successfully brought to market a range of digital applications in areas as diverse as mental health, automotives, and gaming. Several of these have been nominated for awards and his mastering of mobile user acquisition was recently promoted by Facebook’s business team as an example of success.

Liam launched his first commercial enterprise as a teenager and already has 10 year’s product design experience under his belt. He draws upon an extensive background in Architecture where he qualified with two academic scholarships.

Ken Franklin

Ken Franklin

Software Director

Ken has worked in software development for nearly 30 years, starting in 1984 when the first Macintosh hit the markets.

As well as having founded a video game and multimedia development company of his own, he has developed products and managed large software development teams for such prestigious companies as Lotus Development, IBM, AOL and Netscape.

Isaac Applbaum

Isaac Applbaum

Ventures Director

Isaac has built a career at the intersection of business, wine and philanthropy. Through the years, he has provided counsel to venture-backed early stage companies. "Yitz," as he is often referred to, also serves as a Senior Advisor to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat for public-private partnerships.

In the 1990s, Isaac built Concorde Solutions, providing banking applications for the internet. He sold the firm to Bank of America where he later served as a Senior Vice President. He has served as a partner at Lightspeed Ventures and as a GP and Founder at Opus Capital.

Gordon Fitzjohn

Gordon Fitzjohn

Special Advisor

Gordon spent 25 years at Deutsche Bank were he was the MD of the global corporate trust services business. He subsequently founded Grapevine Capital Partners, a Jersey based advisory firm focused on creating value by bringing together people, opportunities and capital.

Gordon is actively involved in a number of businesses, ranging from hotels and restaurants in the UK hospitality sector, the provision of auto-enrolment administration services, and the world's leading supplier of rugby training and support equipment, Rhino Rugby.