Formed at the start of the app boom, YUZA incubates and creates platform-based mobile ventures by partnering with entrepreneurs and corporate co-founders.


Our raison d'être is to provide world class user experiences whilst solving fundamental problems for consumers. Whether this is simply reducing stress, sharing memories, or financing their business.

YUZA exists to make a difference in the mobile space across a variety of sectors from fin-tech to mental health.


  Founded in 2008

  Headquartered in Carnaby Street

  Tens of millions of downloads

Early Success

YUZA was formed in 2008 shortly after the creation of the App Store.

The launch of the iPhone a year earlier was a clear sign that mobile was heading in a bold new direction and the addition of the store meant that the next generation of devices were finally accessible to the open market.

YUZA got off to a great start with apps commissioned by Now Music, iForex, Virgin Atlantic, Ministry of Sound and Small Luxury Hotels. Our app for DJ Paul van Dyk was even awarded an official launch event at one of the first Apple Stores in Las Vagas - something unheard of these days.

Aston Martin

Global Names

High-profile clients worked with us to develop headline products; for example we built Which magazine's Good Food Guide for 3 years in a row as well as second-screen experiences for TV shows such as ITV's Jesus Christ Superstar and UKTV's Dynamo: Magician Impossible.

In 2010 Aston Martin approached us to create an app presence for the brand. The end product earned a global feature on the App Store upon launch.

The following year we released an app for performance automotive specialists Akrapovič, and in 2012 we released Ferrari's hero application which included realistic driver simulators and an augmented reality feature allowing users to turn bank notes into model cars.

Ferrari Mania

Own Brands

Following the success of Ferrari Mania, YUZA began the process of moving away from service work and towards the creation of our own brands and businesses.

Dream:ON - the world's largest dreaming experiment - was launched at the Edinburgh Science Festival in April 2012 to global acclaim. The app to control your dreams was featured across news outlets from New York to Mumbai and had it's own 10-minute segment on the BBC's One Show. Two years after launch the results where officially published in respected scientific journal New Scientist.

Early 2013 saw the release of Digipill on iOS and Android - it has since gone on to be downloaded by over 2 million people around the world and has literally changes lives for the better by preventing insomnia, reducing stress and easing depression.



BETFUZE was the first company to be incubated by the group. It launched on iPad in August 2013 and on both iPhone and Android in time for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The product has been nominated for 4 awards and has a large social following online.

In May 2014, YUZA announced our fin-tech venture Pollen VC which provides factored liquidity and reduces advertising credit hassle for app developers in Europe and America. Recently Pollen opened an office in San Fransisco and won the award for "Best Monetisation and Engagement" product at the Meffys in November.


The YUZA group is looking to partner with like-minded individuals or corporate entities who've got a unique insight in a particular field and want to develop a potentially disruptive opportunity.

If this sounds like you, get in touch with one of our executive team. The next big thing might just be around the corner...