Augmented Reality

YUZA has been working on mobile Augmented Reality since early 2010 - under the platform name 'Skan'. We work with both main types of Augmented Reality; location based and visual recognition.

Well over half a million users have used our Augmented Reality platform.

Dynamo: Magician Impossible

The Dynamo: Magician Impossible App accompanies a television programme of the same name, and is the story of an ordinary boy from Bradford living an extraordinary life. Using the latest Augmented Reality technology to bring the print campaign to life, this application lets users explore the magical world of Dynamo and see his tricks in action.

T3 Cover Star

Put yourself on the cover of T3 magazine with Snapdragon, the processor at the heart of the world’s smartest devices. Simply download the app and find the Cover Star advert to active the augmented reality surprise.

BBC Arabic

Here is our CTO explaining (dubbed in Arabic) the Augmented Reality process to the BBC Arabic News channel. This was broadcast around the world in 2011.

Visual Recognition AR

This really is the stuff of science fiction movies - we have created press campaigns seen by millions where you open the app, skan the advert and it - quite simply - comes to life. We are working with publishers, music companies and premium brands to change how the user engages with them - deep, compelling and highly talked about.

We use state of the art image recognition inside Skan; thousands of images can be recognised in less then a second. The results are instant and look amazing.

Our own SKAN lifestyle range is changing how we view art and fashion - check out

Location-based AR

We use AR in guide books to help users navigate the world around them.

Location based AR allows you to quite literally see what is on the other side of a building - see how close you are by virtual sign posts overlaid on a live image of your surroundings.

Our AR Apps

• Dynamo: Magician Impossible
• T3 Cover Star
• Hg2: A Hedonist's Guide
• Pacha: VIP
• Small Luxury Hotels
• Aston Martin Experience
• Marketing Week Live
• Gadget Show Live