• BETFUZE - The Smart Way to Bet on Your Mobile.

    BETFUZE is a unique way to discover the latest news, the stats that matter most, and intelligent insight from across the globe.
    We have combined the best odds from your favourite bookmakers on key sporting events with our unique analysis tools that are designed to give you the upper hand.


  • SNAPCAM - High-quality, affordable photobooks. Designed on your phone. Delivered to your door.

    SNAPCAM launches exclusively with Nokia on Windows Phone. Design great photobooks on your phone and have them printed and delivered direct to your door. Perfect personal souvenirs or great gifts for a special loved one.


  • Pollen - Velocity Capital

    Pollen accelerates the growth trajectory of your app by giving you early access to your revenues. This enables you to quickly capitalise on launch press or boost chart rankings by reinvesting cash back into product development or paid user acquisition, rather than waiting for up to 60 days or more.



  • Digipill - Digital Pills to Change Your Mind

    Digipill has been created by YUZA in order to create the world's go-to self health app.

    Whether you suffer from insomnia or depression, or you want to lose weight or stop smoking - we can help. And we're helping millions around the world already.

    Digipill is available for all iOS devices on the App Store. Available for Android devices via Google Play.

  • Dream:ON - The App to Influence Your Dreams

    Dream:ON is the exciting new app which allows you to influence your dreams. Simply set your alarm & choose a soundscape which will play to your subconscious during the night. With your phone on the bed Dream:ON detects the optimum moment to play the soundscape during your dream cycle. In addition, you can fill in a dream diary to take part in the world's largest dreaming experiment!