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YUZA apps have been downloaded in their millions. Below is a small selection of some of our favourites:

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Operating Systems

  • iOS - iPhone and iPad

    40 billion apps have been downloaded since the App Store opened in 2008. That is a huge number considering there are only 7 billion people on Earth. 20 billion of those were downloaded in 2012 alone - a crystal clear demonstration of the exponential growth in iOS apps currently underway. Whilst the market is huge, it’s still only early days.

  • Android

    With over 500,000 a day of new Android sign-ups, it’s no wonder that Android is becoming a big part of what we do. For the development of Android apps we follow a similar set of best practices to the iOS ones but with an extended awareness of the variances of multiple versions of the operating system and the different handsets on the market.

    In addition to what we provide for iOS, for Android we offer:
    1 - distribution via leading mobile operator stores
    2 - distribution via Google Play
    3 - distribution via leading 3rd party stores such as Get-jar
    4 - 3rd party billing solutions
    5 - independent multiple handset testing as part of Q&A

  • Windows Phone

    Our first Windows Phone apps are in development and we are excited by the latest updates and many of the new handsets coming into the market.

    Every operating system and app eco system requires a different way of thinking - and that is what we always strive to do at YUZA.

  • Why YUZA?

    • A dedicated in house team - all with years of relevant experience.
    • Based in Central London - with offices in America and Italy.
    • End-user support included, by phone or in-app.
    • Ability to localise the app when needed.
    • Choice of publishing on our account or on the partner's.
    • Experience in developing for some of the world's most influential brands.
    • Full pollination and revenue scoping available as part of the development process.
    • Over 100 apps developed.

The 360 degree approach

YUZA partners with some of the most powerful brands in the world.

We know it’s a lot more then just an app; it’s possibly the most personal way a brand will communicate itself to its audience.

Having our partners view us as trusted allies is paramount; we appreciate this and become fully engaged with them, ensuring we totally understand their mobile ambitions. We have a 360 degree approach to application development with our partners.

We offer a multi-disciplined approach to software construction and user experience, working at first with YUZA partnership managers, then handing over to our user experience experts, before passing the project to programmers and technical experts under the watchful eye of our CTO.

The YUZA approach does not finish once the product is tested, signed-off and deployed to the iTunes App Store; we work hard with our partners to ensure they get the maximum possible return on investment and pollination of their app. We split the process into four easy stages as detailed below.

We split the process in to four easy stages as detailed below:

The Idea

We discuss and sketch out the main concept and idea, refining it as we go to a set of requirements dictated by the chosen operating system(s).

The Design

The application is visualised and storey-boarded, giving everyone involved a full understanding of the finished product; how it will work and what it will look like.

The Build

The designers hand-over the visuals to our team of engineers who begin to develop and test the software to our extremely high standards.


As part of our 360 degree launch cycle, we create number one apps, we have a deep understanding of how this is achieved . This is something we apply to every launch.


  • TV Friend - YUZA's social second-screen platform

    TV Friend allows you to own the install base and 2nd screen experience instead of passing it over to a 3rd party app. Bringing together several emerging technologies to create a innovative and immersive experience that will further viewer engagement, create new revenue streams and amplify a show's reach.
    Recent examples of the TV Friend platform are apps for ITV1's Jesus Christ Superstar, and Dynamo: Magician Impossible.

  • Skan - Augmented Reality

    We are at the forefront of AR mobile services; often speaking at events on how AR can be used (and indeed how also it should not be used). Our AR work has been featured far and wide from the BBC to Marketing Week. In January 2010 we launched Skan, our first service, powered by our own AR engine.

    We have built AR services for Dynamo: Magician Impossible, Hg2: A Hedonist’s Guide, SLH (Small Luxury Hotels), Pacha (The Ibiza Super-Club) and Marketing Week Live (the UK’s leading Marketing Exhibition) with a lot more still to come.

    Skan AR can help you navigate a city or change a paper magazine into a digital piece of art.

  • YuQuiz - Social Gaming

    We have added a host of new features to our successful quiz engine YuQuiz - players can now see in real time local and global player positions, compete against their peers or even suggest questions to the YuQuiz engine.

    Be it a quiz about the best a city has to offer or who had the biggest pop hit of 1989, our quiz platform is being used by a number of global brands to tease and please and educate the 'yuza'.

  • HotKey - Rapid All Building

    We can offer the fastest and most economically effective route to market with our new very clever product HotKey; forget a “cookie cutter app” every HotKey is unique. HotKey is a tool used by leading magazine publishers, broadcasters, music artists, festivals and nightclub/leisure operators.