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Digipill is a pseudo-medical themed product that essentially provides a variety of hypnotic self-help audio guides.

The app refers to these as 'digital pills' and this tongue-in-cheek style has brought guided meditation to a new, much younger audience.

Each pill is designed to ameliorate the effects of certain psychological conditions. These range from insomnia and anxiety to losing weight and smoking cessation. If you've got a problem, there's likely a pill for it!

Typically customers notice the effects of using Digipill after their first few sessions and for some people the positive changes induced by the app can last a lifetime.


The application has had 2 million downloads since it's launch on iOS at Christmas in 2012. Since then, the product has averaged a 4 star rating in 35 countries around the world and has been featured on the App Store several times.

Digipill has also been written about in the media by the likes of the Daily Mail, The Independent, Le Figaro, and MSN as well as having a segment on U.S. news anchor Anderson Cooper's current affairs show.

This product has literally changed hundreds of thousands of lives for the better. Not many developers can genuinely say that.



In November 2013 Digipill was a finalist in the "Best Developer of a Consumer App" category of the ME Awards. Competitors included Flickr, Barclaycard and British Gas.


Digipill was nominated for the prestigious INDEX: Design to improve Life award in 2013.

How It Works

Digipill uses psychoacoustics to allow you to unlock your subconscious and change your perception.

Practising techniques similar to hypnosis and meditation, the app trains users to control their minds by achieving a state of deep relaxation. When in this state of mind it is much easier to reset phobias, reduce deep-set stress or long-standing depression.

It is perhaps important to note that this technique is relatively intense because of how little time most people spend thinking so deeply. Around a quarter of all people who try the pills don't notice any effect because they are unable to allow any third parties to enter their subconscious as an instinctive protection mechanism.

The Future

New technologies such as constant blood, heart and activity monitoring are opening new opportunities for health products like Digipill. Work is currently being done on exploring new directions in which to take the app in the coming years.