Ferrari Mania Logo


Ferrari Mania was an iPhone and iPad product released in October 2012 to become the world-famous Italian automotive firm's hero application on the App Store.

Headline features included detailed behind-the-scenes articles and pictures from the factory in Maranello, a special camera with Ferrari-themed filters and a fan's handbook with all of the important technical details and historic photos of classic cars dating back to the 1950s.

A set of detailed alarm clocks were even created based on rev-counters from Ferrari dashboards.


One of the key features was the ability to generate augmented reality models of different cars triggered from pointing the camera at pound, euro and dollar banknotes. This had never been done before due to difficulty in recognising images with variations such as serial numbers - an issue which YUZA managed to overcome. It meant that for the first time users weren't required to print off a target.

Another state-of-the-art piece of functionality was the set of 4 driving simulators. These allowed users to pick a supercar and then sit behind a steering wheel controlled by movement of the device. The dashboards showed the engines revving, along with sound effects and the use of the camera as the view from the windscreen.



Ferrari Mania achieved a Top 10 ranking in the Lifestyle charts for both iPad and iPhone in December 2012.


The app was Ferrari's hero application for two years until its decommission at the end of 2014. Regular promotions on Facebook during the period gained hundreds of thousands of likes.


This joint venture with Ferrari marked the very first stage of YUZA's transition from a service agency to a product company.

Since then the group has created its own-brand products from scratch with all the associated platforms and infrastructure necessary to support that.

Despite this, the door is always open for brands to work with us in partnership to create the next great user experience for customers around the world.