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Virtually all apps and games now rely on paid promotion to drive growth in users and install base. However, without access to funds for user acquisition, smartphone apps often disappear from visible app store rankings and fail to gain traction after the initial launch.

Pollen VC gives app developers faster access to revenues they’ve already earned from the app stores. Revenue can be channelled back into user acquisition immediately, meaning that the app or game is funding its own user growth, and developers are less reliant on self-funding or venture capital to grow user numbers.

The company has coined a term - Velocity Capital - to describe this process.


Pollen VC was announced to the world in May 2014 with over $150 million of velocity capital to deploy to the mobile community.

In its first year the company has opened an office in San Fransisco and has doubled the size of its team as it continues to develop its user acquisition funding facility for customers.

Pollen VC is active on the global developer event circuits and has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch.

How It Works

Developers tend to get paid their App Store revenue well over a month after they've earned it and in some cases it's up to 67 days. That's a big funding gap if you've just launched a game and want to maintain its momentum in the charts.

Pollen VC hooks into the developer's app store account and analyses sales data every 24 hours. This enables the company to pay out those revenues straight away before waiting to get paid itself by the app store weeks later.

With the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on user acquisition post-launch liquidity is becoming a massive problem for app developers. Pollen's mission is to change all that.