• I want to create a compelling marketing app - can you help?

    We are currently not able to accept any agency work.

  • I'm a recruiter - who can I speak with?

    I'm afraid we already have a strong network of recruiters we use and would appreciate not receiving cold calls.

  • I'm a user of one of your apps and I need some help.

    Please go to the support section on the site and fill in the form there.

  • I have an idea for an app - can you build it?

    A great idea needs to have a well executed launch, strong product thinking and be economically viable - please submit an executive summary to us for review. We are not able to enter into any NDAs to be able to discuss your ideas and all information you supply to us is done so in the full knowledge of that.

  • I want to work at YUZA - I have heard great things!

    If you're a private individual please do get in touch via our contact form and we can discuss if YUZA would be right for you, and the skills you would bring to us.

Technical Support

We have staff on hand to answer technical queries about applications developed by YUZA. Please fill out the form below - describing the issue in as much detail as possible - and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.