Alex Bilbie
Senior Platform Engineer


Alex previously worked at the University of Lincoln as a developer, researcher and occasional lecturer.

His research areas included digital identity, the semantic web and user interface accessibility. Alex represented UK higher education institutions at a number of international conferences including the Internet Identity Workshop in San Francisco and DLF Forum in Denver, Colorado.

Alex is known around the web for his work on OAuth. He has spoken at a number of conferences and meetups about the specification and blogged about it extensively. His implementation is the most starred OAuth server implementation on Github.

He is currently writing a book about OAuth entitled "OAuthello".


Alex is a founding member of The PHP League of Extraordinary Packages ( and a keen open source contributor in the PHP community.

He is unashamedly fascinated by the past and present operations of Transport for London and is obsessed with the concept of “public transport for power users”.


 Public Service

Alex has worked as an adviser for a number of Government departments - both at local and national levels - on their production of open data and how they can operate in more transparent and accountable ways.


Alex’s whisky collection count currently stands at 23.